Why invest in HOLLAND?

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If you are looking to establish or expand your operations on the European mainland there is no better location to start than the Netherlands. 

Here are just a few compelling reasons why……..


Centrally located in the European Market

Did you know that within a 500 mile radius from Holland you can reach 170 million consumers? Just expand that radius to 1000 miles and you will reach no less then 244 million consumers! 

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Top class infrastructure

In the Netherlands you will find one of the busiest airports in the world Schiphol airport. 71 million passengers pass through Schiphol every year. 

Our Rotterdam seaport is the biggest of its kind in Europe and ranked number 4 in the world. Annually hunderds of millions of tons of cargo are shipped through the port of Rotterdam.

Also the Netherlands offers one of the densest roadworks in the world, high quality railroads and excellent broadband.

Business minded people

A commercial spirit has been embedded in the Dutch culture since centuries. And today it still ranks 7th in the world when it comes to export volume. 

The Netherlands offer a supportive corporate tax structure based on a flexible and facilitating approach. 

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