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Finding the right senior executives to help you achieve your ambitions can be very difficult. Luckily you have come to the right place. 

SPRING SEARCH International is highly specialized in recruiting senior executives in the Life Sciences & Health sector. 

Here’s what SPRING SEARCH can offer you to achieve your business ambitions……


SPRING SEARCH has access to a vast network of professionals in Life Sciences & Health that has been accumulated in 23 years of working experience in the LSH sector in senior roles at national and above country level. 

On top of that SPRING SEARCH is supported and endorsed by more than 25 years of experience of recruitment in the LSH sector. 

Search methods

At SPRING SEARCH we use cutting edge search techniques that enable us to unlock the potential of the pool of non proactive job seekers.  

These techniques gives us access to an astonishing 4 times more possible candidates for your role. Also we closely collaborate with internationally renowned sourcing experts.  


There are many things to consider if you want to get off to a flying start when establishing or expanding your operations in the Netherlands. 

SPRING SEARCH is part of, and partners with, a network of economic development agencies who can help you get on track fast. Please contact us for further information.


At SPRING SEARCH we work with passion and only one thing in mind: to help you succeed in achieving your ambitions.

Being a small company we can give your search full personal attention while always honoring our commitments to you. 

We promise nothing less than an excellent customer experience. 


SPRING into Action

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