Anneke van Leeuwen

Anneke joined SPRING SEARCH International in October 2022. Before that, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 26 years, mainly in leadership roles in the international customer operations field. This required a strong capability to work together and build relationships with various functions in different cultures.

Anneke is committed, accurate and has a genuine interest in people and culture.

After having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a very long time it was time for a change. SPRING SEARCH offers me a great opportunity to use my experience in the life-sciences field in new, and exciting ways.

Being born in a family working in hospitality business I learned from a young age how to be customer focused. My interest in people and culture lead to learning several languages, which allowed me to work in international environments with colleagues all over the world.

It is very exciting to try to match the right people with interesting functions in a variety of companies. I enjoy being instrumental in helping someone making the next move in their career. It takes knowledge of the industry and of people to do this. I am happy with having both.  

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