Leon Commissaris

Honest, dedicated, creative, bold and people focused with contagious enthusiasm….
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SPRING SEARCH International:

for people and Passion for healthcare.

SPRING SEARCH International was founded in 2019 by Leon Commissaris,  from a deep felt drive for connecting people and a genuine ambition to contribute to the health and happiness of people worldwide.

Leon brings 23 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In big pharma he held various commercial leadership roles at national and international level.

Leon’s personal ambitions and drive have always been to build durable relationships based on trust, honesty and unwavering commitment. 

Our Values

  1. 1

    We commit to delivering results that exceed your expectations, every time.

    To us that means finding you the best candidate in the shortest possible time. 

    We uphold the highest professional standards, whilst embracing continuous improvement, growth and learning.

  2. 2

    We put our heart and soul in  helping to build successful organizations and rewarding careers. It is there that we find our true reward and satisfaction. 

    Through an outstanding customer experience we aim to succeed in business without losing in life.

  3. 3

    Integrity to us is a guiding principle to always do what is right. And that means being trustful, respectful, honest and discreet. We believe it is the only way to a sustainable future for our business, and for yours.


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