The Netherlands

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If your ambitions are big, the Netherlands is the place for you.

From the Netherlands, centrally located in the European market, you can reach out to around half a billion consumers. Offering a very supportive business climate, the Dutch are highly educated and fluent in English. 

A growing biotech sector and the re-location of the European Medicine Agency, or EMA, in the Netherlands only adds to the international attraction for international companies.

Based right at the heart of Europe, SPRING SEARCH International has a huge international network in the Life Sciences & Health community throughout the European region.

But whether you want to set up operations in the Netherlands, or if you are looking to expand into Europe, no doubt you will have questions.

Practical questions that call for practical answers.

  • Prerequisites to hiring abroad
  • Contract types
  • Payrolling options
  • Etc.

We provide you with the practical advice you need to move forward quickly and with confidence, through our own experience, as well as through our relevant affiliations and network.  

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Find SPRING SEARCH International at page 83 of the official
"NL Health~Holland Guide 2020-2021"

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