Benjamin Dight

Hello, I am Benjamin. Most people call me Ben, some go for Benji.
I am a communicator, always have been.
My passion for conversations, building relationships, and exchanging ideas is my driving force. Born
in the UK, raised in the US, and now thriving in the NL, I hold a Business Degree, more than four years
of Recruitment & Sourcing experience, and I am currently pursuing a music degree at the
Conservatory in Utrecht.
My diverse background and inspirations from around the globe give me a unique perspective that I
enjoy utilizing in the world of recruitment. Connecting people together comes naturally to me even
outside of the workplace. I find myself linking people together and identifying their strengths to build
meaningful partnerships.
Whether it be in the recruitment domain, the music field, or in my personal life, I am always excited to
jump into new challenges, build fruitful relationships, and form lasting connections. SPRING SEARCH
is no exception to this rule.
Also, I really like peanut butter.
Together, let us take two steps forward and no steps back!

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