Leon Commissaris

I believe that the single three best decisions I made in my life were instant decisions. I did not think about them, because I knew they were right. Funny enough they are very distinctively themed around Art, Love and Career.

When I was 14 years old, I took my very first piano lesson. After the second one I decided that I would study classical piano professionally after high school. And I did.

Back in 2010 I went on a very first date with the love of my life, hoping I would one day marry her. And I did.

Early 2019, I had a contemplative moment on how I could turn a certainly satisfactory pharma career into my own personal dream career. It suddenly hit me how everything I do well and love doing revolves around people. Around listening to people, understanding them, and supporting them in what they need. It has always been what I care to do most. And it is what I do best.

Realizing that, it only took a split second for me to decide to start SPRING SEARCH International.

And I did.

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